In 2014, ALPHA is the cold digital audiovisual matter coming from the very deep guts of an hermetic computer system.
It is the abstract. The mathematical and the very not human dense waves flowing until 2017… When FRGMENTS impact occurred as a kind of opposite, figuring a very human form in the place of human portraits cut up and reassembled by the sound itself. On stage, as an installation, as a need of opening the computer system to the real physical and tangible world, injecting human feelings and failures inside of it.

Now, came the time of merge… collision… fusion… between the absolute frenetical need of agglomerating the inner and the outside, theoretical and concrete, equations’ accuracy and very human elements of life. Now came the time of STRUCTURE.LIVE as the absolute response to these two different parts of the universe, as a kind of new multiverse.

STRUCTURE.LIVE, a new audiovisual live performance designed for stage

STRUCTURE.LIVE is the next step of STRUCTURE project already launched late 2018 and premiered as a generative 3D sound & light installation in MIRA Festival in Barcelona and reviewed by METAL MAGAZINE.

STRUCTURE.LIVE is currently on work in the studio. Some advanced prototypes for visuals captures as 3D volumetric filming, are currently tested during a 4 months collaboration workshops with the “Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray” of the Université de Nantes. This workshop have been selected as the “2019 Art & Science collaboration” between Université de Nantes, the Arts & Techs Labo “Stéréolux and us.

STRUCTURE.LIVE takes place in a global context in which the studio is involved: from site-specific audiovisual installation to proper visuals printing exhibition, electronic music and digital new media festivals, paper publications and artist conversations and workshops, sound art physical and digital releases…

Contact us for being involved into this unique & new STRUCTURE meta-project.

Best regards,
Julien Bayle


This piece have been presented as an hyper-spatialized 3D sound installation with a very specific spatialization system and was generating the sound in real-time. These stereo recordings are only here for giving a global impression but cannot represent the whole feelings of the immersive vibrating space during the exhibition.
Earphones are required for listening.