Artistic statements about the project

STRUCTURE is a sound / light installation that builds a new bridge between sound & space.

STRUCTURE is inspired by architecture parametricism concepts relating us an autopoiesis, also understood as self-referential system, which is the property of a system that interacts permanently with its own environnement and for which the adaptability is possible. It is related to living systems, but also to AI, neurosciences & sociology. Parametricism is a style within contemporary avant-garde architecture based on the use of parametric equations, calculated and solved by computer programs and algorithms for designing purposes.

STRUCTURE is a new incursion into radical territories of abstraction. It figures a sound & light system, abstract and radically minimal, evolving from low-frequencies to high pitched sound. The system explores multiple contexts, reminding us some Sol Lewitt systematic and radical exhaustive explorations. Each context generates sounds and triggers very rapid flash lights producing a complete and immersive experience in which each individual can feel lost. The space takes control over the audience, pushing and pulling it, as if it would become its living counterpart. Specific state-of-art technologies are used for proper 3D sound spreading into the exhibition room, increasing the perception of space itself.

By using its computer systems, from 2015 ALPHA audiovisual line-art inspired live performance to 2018 FRGMENTS audiovisual installation & live performance pushing cutup concept beyond borders by involving high-speed real-time calculation, STRUCTURE extends the artist’s field of exploration to more tangible paradigms, injecting his work into design and architecture fields.

Indeed, STRUCTURE relates & adresses some early Bauhaus’ Klee writings about structure & shapes. Julien Bayle summons these and projects them through his own creative and expression prism. Especially, he’s inspired by Klee’s Theory of Modern Art writings about repetition, about the fact a structure is defined by repeating elements, values, shapes. STRUCTURE project uses this concept of repetition all along the different pieces of the series: installation, live performance, sound recording and publication.

STRUCTURE.INSTALLATION is part of a global project named STRUCTURE

Date : 11/2018
Places :
Barcelona, SPAIN
Produced by : INTORNO LABS
Role :
 Author, Programmer, Performer
Technology :
Curated by MIRA Festival


This piece have been presented as an hyper-spatialized 3D sound installation with a very specific spatialization system and was generating the sound in real-time. These stereo recordings are only here for giving a global impression but cannot represent the whole feelings of the immersive vibrating space during the exhibition. Earphones are required for listening.


Fascinated by architecture & design, the artist also draws from brutalism and other concrete based way of constructing buildings. Visuals shapes always figure massive and sometimes impossible structures, resistance of materials wise.

Sounds deploy into space as new vibrating architecture, recalling early concepts of ALPHA, one of his previous live performance piece, in which the sound itself was generated in real-time, analyzed in the same pass for both generating visuals and altering them. STRUCTURE sounds arearchitectured as a tangible matter propagating and growing live. Sometimes some sounds cut some other brutally, as if a shape was occluding another one, hiding it. Sometimes sounds are layered, as if transparent shapes were letting each other visible at the same time.

STRUCTURE also figures a true Bayle’s fascination for Xenakis. STRUCTURE, as ALPHA or FRGMENTS previous works, is based on context ; time contexts & space contexts. From the installation to live performance, this piece is a story going from one context to another and exploring each one of them. This is a tale that could not to have a beginning or an end. It brings the audience brutally into it from the beginning, letting it alone in the end, like some manga stories, especially, like Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME!