Max MSP Cloud Structure

Artistic statement about the project

Tools became so powerful, omni-potent, that I started to consider them as a real digital matter to explore, as I explore sound, vibrations, pixels or sand.

I wanted to give a new vision of the framework I use on a daily basis, Max MSP.

All components in the framework are related and have particular relationships. Some are closer than the others, like those which deal with visual matrix processing & those others which deal with matrix on a more general point of view. Or those processing sound and those converting sound into numbers that we can use independantly.

These relationships appear in the documentation but not on a visual way. It is named “see also” in the documentation. Basically, we can explore bricks related to the brick’s document we are currently reading.

I had the idea of tracing, graphing all these relationships links, using graph theory.

Darwin Grosse (Director of Education and Customer Services for Cycling ’74, editor & creators of MaxMSP) helped me by having provided me the global See Also whole relationships file.

And here are few views of it.

This project had not been curated yet but I’d like to explore this one more, in real-time, within an audiovisual performance probably named ABÎME

Date : 05/2016
Role :
 Author, Programmer
Technology : Max 7, Graph Theory with yAML
Help by Darwin Grosse (Cycling 74)