VOID PROPAGATE is a sound representation of the amplification of infinitesimal.

It addresses the idea of the imperceptible.

Designed by using a single eurorack module named ErbeVerb designed by MakeNoise and Tom Erbe with a single flying jack cable plugged at the input connector, VOID PROPAGATE figures the electrical amplification & resonance of static electricity and very small voltages variations by this circuit.

The artist manipulates the module parameters manually in order to keep the sound level audible and to make resonances & spectral content evolving all along each of these 3 tracks as if he wanted to make the imperceptible more tangible, as if he wanted to compensate the lack of signal, the lack of informations.

VOID PROPAGATE is related to the artist’s work about interferences, small & subtle electrical artifacts, silence & physics of sound.

VOID PROPAGATE is released on ETER under the reference ETER26