Remastered version of an album originally self-released in 2016 under the name “Inner”. It adresses the fragility of the human condition, by way of an organically driven audio system which is able to progress, evolve and fall, steadily.

Recorded in 3 takes, one for each track, this EP has been designed for a dawless system made of eurorack modules, reverbs and amplifiers. The resulting feedback challenges the performer during the recording process, pushing him to react and to adjust his actions in order to counterbalance the feedback itself.

This operational approach makes it possible to explore uncharted sound territories, ruled by chaos and strange attractors. Subtle parameter changes can make the system evolve slowly around specific poles, until a bifurcation happens, which causes the system to go adrift, all at a sudden and with no apparent transition.

ATTRACTORS is released on ELLI Records as EL51

Composer, producer : Julien Bayle

Mastering by Emanuele Battisti
Artwork by Julien Bayle

These 3 videos, published as the visual counterpart of the album’s tracks, have been captured in real-time from a Max patch designed for visualizing the phase of the sound. This project have been published by Cycling’ 74 on their website :