the.collapse live

the.collapse live performance has been created early 2021 based on the eponymous album re-released on ELLI Records the 7th of June 2024.
You can find more informations about the album on this page:

All visual aesthetic is based upon old failed polaroid which let only see the frozen chemical process. By zooming, scanning this raw matter which was supposed to become a picture of reality but which failed to become one, the.collapse adresses the idea of deconstructing processes and structures. It shows us a whole abstract world illustrating the permanent failure of building process. The performance, as if it was mimic the life, is a perpetual loop of construction / deconstruction, which is dear to the artist.

As described on the album page the.collapse features a series of tension & rupture responding each other as a kind of permanent struggle between power & weakness. it tells a story about a fragile balance between the human feeling of omnipotency and the fragility of global system on which everything above is based. as a metaphor calling up Jarry’s Ubu Roi play, the.collapse figures and links king reign’s declining vs globalized society’s quasi-physical crackling. through these 5 pieces, I tried to create a suffocating tension, growing up and being more & more audible through deep listening. each track figures a specific moment in time and some could feel a reverse sorting according to the last one title (opening) ; this specific order emphasizes the idea of disorientation, trying to push our feeling further through confusion and chaos, what is the beginning? the end ? is the end, the real end of story ? did the tensions have disappeared or are they still growing up until the next physical rupture?

the.collapse has been composed and arranged through a series of specific sound recording in studio, using field recorded samples and synthesis, all as live recordings in order to keep the improvisation feeling and touch more collectable, keeping error & environmental disturbances possible and the fact we have no choice but dealing with it.

Date : 2021
Places : 
Mois Multi Festival (Québec, CA)
Role : Author, Programmer, Performer

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