spectres album has been recorded 2020 in studio.
It is available on ELLI Records since 19th of June 2020 as part of the series In The Room

Official cover, the black background one, is part of a visual piece by artist Paolo Cavinato.

spectres features a single track exploring a sound recorded outside during a storm late 2019. this piece represents another way to deal with the past. nothing from the original record have been changed and the whole sound material have been used for spectres piece. the technique used for revisiting and processing the original raw matter was granular synthesis pushed to its audible limits and figuring the repetitive and throbbing permanent loop as a constant attempt to move forward. this long-length track requires subtle listening to feel and perceive all progressive changes. because spectres investigates the link each one of us can have with its past and how this latter interferes with its present, it relates to hauntology.