“This live recording is the real first one done from silence to silence, I mean: by building the logic behind the system completely from scratch and by pulling out the audio cable at the end for finishing. Exploring improvisation with modular synthesizers, I’m trying to build rhythmic structures by using unusual methods. For instance, I’m not really interested in a global master clock driving all my modules related to a particular pattern. I’d prefer to use uncanny ways like : using two low-frequency oscillators (LFO) and check where they cross themselves to generate triggers. This is a powerful source for creating very strange linear and non-linear musical structures. It also provides a very nice way of control; this is not “just” controlling a tempo, but controlling the resulting tempo (which is changing cyclically) by controlling LFO’s frequencies. I used this to work with electric parasites here. I used some specific machines able to “listen”to electric noise in the machines and I amplified them, and used a compressor with make-up for magnifying them. Indeed, Parasites Compressor live is properly related to the concept of  organizing the chaos by filtering, by recycling and by compressing.

There are about 4 moments in this live performance. Each one of them has its own characters. All have been recorded in one shot, live, without any automation and from scratch, which means, with no modules already connected at the beginning.”

This live performance have been specifically performed for Secret Thirteen community
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