This page is under construction.
It will expose informations about GRID, a personal framework for advanced generative compositions.

The first release produced using GRID is available on ELLI Records :

Grid By Julien Bayle

GRID is the first experience generated through the eponym framework design by the artist.
This tool provides a new way of composition by creating events time distribution depending on global or more specific dynamic rules opening a new world of possibilities to the artist. From polyrythmic & polymetric sequences generations for each channel in a composition to more or less strong links between channel’s sequences, Julien Bayle uses the too for the first time and produced a series of tracks presented in this release. He explored time completion as space occupation, progressive disturbance, non-linearity and random triggering of pre-generated events time distribution series. GRID is the first illustration of a new way of production by the artist, based on the disconnection between cause & consequence. Does one cause link to one consequence only ? How much a causes set relate to possible consequences ? Through 18 + 2 tracks, Julien Bayle explored sounds based on noises & micro-sounds, raw oscillators & generators as possible consequences of apparently rigid triggering events.

GRID is based on maxmsp and maxforlive programming frameworks and can control both software & hardware sound generators. It provides a way for recording both triggers (causes) and audio (consequences) in order to create static post-production content based on live recording. The triggering part can also be used for triggering visuals in real-time or as recorded material.
More documentation will be published here, from the reason why the artist designed it to some framework descriptions explaining the whole framework architecture.