WORKS / Approaches of A/V performances

Date: 2013-07-26
Places: Norberg Festival
Technology: Max6, OSC, MIDI, OpenGL, Openframeworks, Processing, VDMX
Role: Lecturer

Duration: 2,5 hours
Public: everyone interested in digitally art visual & sound.
Pre-requisites: OpenGL & digital sound bits

Technical requirements: check

Max6(Max/MSP) Gen, MIDI/OSC, OpenGL, VDMX, Openframeworks, Processing

Working at the crossroads of sound and visual, I always need to link both. From visuals generated or altered by sound data to the control of randomness studies, I need to work with efficient tools providing a very high level of freedom.

I’m always composing my music with my visuals rendering window open on my computer and I cannot disconnect one from the other

This master-class is a nice way for me to explain to audience:
– what tools we need to make visuals,
– how we can grab data from sounds or whatever sources
– how we can link sounds & visuals
– how we can use processing with jitter with Live with whatever, all together!

At last, it is a nice pretext to exchange ideas and methods about A/V systems design and all related technologies. We will also be able to talk about my current project using many technologies from C++ Openframeworks to Max or Ableton Live 9.


Reviews / kultur
“[…]Julien Bayle in a workshop on linking sounds with visual effects. A neat power point presentation of how best to create chaos […]”

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