WORKS / Approaches of A/V performances with Max6

Date: 2013-04-19
Places: Farinera del Clot – Barcelona / SP
Technology: Max6, OSC
Role: Lecturer

The Festival of Experimental Electronic Music & Visual Arts Störung Festival 8 proposed me to make a workshop about digital arts.
I proposed and provided

Working at the crossroads of sound and visual, I always need to link both. From visuals generated or altered by sound data to the control of randomness studies, I need to work with efficient tools providing a very high level of freedom.
When I’m building a digital installation, when I’m performing live, I don’t want to be stuck by technology and communication protocols problem. I also need performances and power and especially I’m trying to avoid the use of massive heterogeneous plugins and addons. This is why I began to design my visual systems which is both flexible and potentially unlimited using Max6 (formerly Max/MSP)
I’m designing my digital installations exclusively using Max6 and I’m using Ableton Live 9 and some Max6 standalones on stage.
This master-class is a nice way for me to explain to audience what I needed, what I already designed and what I want to design in a close future. I’ll talk about both part: final purpose global ideas but also what are the technical points under the hood.
At last, it is a nice pretext to exchange ideas and methods about A/V systems design and all related technologies.
We will also be able to talk about my current project using many technologies from C++ Openframeworks to Max or Ableton Live 9.

Workshop has been delivered in English.

Here is the slideshow provided.