WORKS / Early Max for Live works

Date: 2011
Technology: Max for Live, Max MSP
Role: Designer, Programmer

Early 2011, when Max for Live had been released, I worked with very specific sequencing ideas and I designed some max for live devices for proper Ableton Live use.

Since their release, I had a lot of requests about people wanting to use them. I didn’t have time for release them again until today and a specific discussion with Jeremy Bernstein (Cycling 74 programmer) who just made me understanding that people really wanted them for studying or using etc.

These devices are now released as Creative Commons Not Commercial and Attributions (CC-NC-BY) licensed.

I cannot give any support with them and they are here for being downloaded as they are.

+ Uncanny Sequencer v 1.2

+ MatriX Sequencer v 1.1