WORKS / Ableton Live 9 & Push Video Courses

Date: 2013-03-05
Technology: Ableton Live, Python, Max for Live
Role: Teacher, Programmer, Speaker

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As an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2010, I’m very often questionned and requested by people to help them with their own musical projects and I have been invited by Elephorm to design a whole Ableton Live 9 courses video series.

We made it several days before the official release of Ableton Live 9 end february 2013.
You can buy it or Video On Demand course here.



Indeed, I was lucky to be the first guy in France to test the now famous Push controller as a beta tester almost 2 months before the official release date (early February)

AbletonPUSHBox PUSH Notes Mode Ableton  PUSH

As a technology explorer and sometimes hacker, I also uncompiled the official Python Midi Remote scripts (= special files used to be the interface between Ableton Live 9 & Remote controllers, including Push)

I published everything as open-source content at:

I also write BIG tutorials on this website here.