STRUCTURE is a meta-project created as a multi-mode art piece that consists in an audiovisual live performance, a 3D sound / light installation, a sound recording (album) & a paper publication. Addressing minimal & abstract concepts such continuum / disruption or order / chaos, the artist continues his exploration of radical sonic minimalism withSTRUCTURE, by bringing a new bridge between sound & space.

STRUCTURE.INSTALLATION have already been presented in MIRA Festival 2018 in Barcelona. It has been a huge success, has featured an hyper-immersive 3D sound & strobe light room and pushed the audience into a new disorientating dimension, which was going from calm moments of metallic rains pouring the space to chaotic sound movements and unbalancing the sound & light energy from a side to another. A specific interview have been published by METAL MAGAZINE about the premiere of this work.

STRUCTURE.LIVE audiovisual live performance extends the artist’s field of exploration to more tangible paradigms, injecting physical realities into his digital chaos, creating the first merge, collision, fusion between human and inert elements to date in Bayle’s work.

STRUCTURE.LIVE deploys these concepts through a different type of experience in which the artist takes part by controlling the sonic part which alters visual shapes. Bayle controls the different sequences sometimes pre-written, sometimes enabling and altering some custom musical event generators more or less connected to a musical grid of time, invoking screens as in Xenakis’ Analogique B, using unusual concept of musical timing.

STRUCTURE.LIVE visual matter literally deploys 3D volumetric captured material. New depth-map capture techniques providing a powerful set of tools for both capturing movements & scanning close distance environment, Bayle works with his partner Acoustic Research Lab (LMA-CNRS) and involved Université de Nantes’ mathematics department into his project through students’ workshops and art/ science residences.

Influenced by point cloud aesthetic, STRUCTURE.LIVE will merge human movement captured in studio and real space 3D scan into a very dense and cold matter that will be altered in real time by the sound itself, on stage. The artist will explore the paradox of cold urban environment vs human, of theory vs practice, his inside and outside worlds

Date : 2019
Places : 
Scopitone Festival (Nantes, FR) / PRECTXE B39 Space (Seoul, SK) / Arrêt sur Images (Nice, FR)
Role : Author, Programmer, Performer