WORKS / Real Noise

Date: 2013-06-18
Technology: Processing, Twitter Stream API, Max6 for sound generation, OSC
Role: designer, programmer

Real Noise is an installation about noise.
Our computers are unable to produce real random sequence numbers. They can produce pseudo-random sequences only.

Indeed, depending on mathematical time, which is deterministic, they fail at this except if they grab something from the outside.

Real Noise proposes to listen twitter flow through a gate named Twitter Stream API.
Real Noise only listens to each tweet coming and produce a sound click, and draw elements on the screen, trying to display and sound as a real noise, produced by humans tweeting, API artifacts, Network problems and more source of randomness.

Everything is low-level and especially not refined as the data flow of informations flowing daily to our nerves.

Sounds are raw, only primitives are drawn on the screen, until the screen goes totally black when the installation completely & harshly reboot and restart infinitely.


RealNoise_dots RealNoise_lines01 RealNoise_lines02