<< / Uncommon Circles EP

Date: 2013-06-03
Technology: Various sound softwares, Processing, OSC
Role: Composer, Producer, Visual designer, Programming


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Uncommon Circles is both a three track ep record and three visual compositions.

The sound part will be released very soon on:
Somehow recordings for the physical piece (CD)
– Ekotron for the digital distribution : junodownload, amazon MP3, iTunes


UncommonCircles-front UncommonCircles-back

I used various & customized Reaktor-based sequencers to trigger some sound generator customized by me too.
Processing framework has been used for visual generation. Sounds, music data and sometimes real-time human-controlled parameter are used to trigger variations and specific drawing behaviors.
These make those visuals sound reactive and I’ll bring this kind of setup on stage this year.
Syncopated programmed or controlled shuffles variations occur during each track making them evolving on an infinite number of different ways, making the A/V piece each time very unique.

Below, you can see each A/V piece. At each turn, random takes its own place. Indeed, syncopated rhythms can be different from one play to another, like visuals.

It is so insane people making only static stuff played each time on the exactly same way. I’m programming systems making my pieces of art slightly evolving each time, producing variations for us, humans.