WORKS / sig.term

Date: 2016

sig.term is the new audiovisual live performance project by Julien Bayle, based on data transmissions, interferences and physics of sound.

sig.term is the new audio-visual live performance by Julien Bayle. Continuing his artistic researches and representations about the concept of continuum’s disruption, the artist created sig.term as a permanently delayed & syncopated progression.

Inspired by data transmissions & communication protocols, sig.term is based on the generation of audio signals constantly disturbed to produce a post-techno matter in which very low frequencies and noise very present.

According to the artist himself, sig.term describes « an increasing curved trajectory in which the audience doesn’t know if the paroxysmal state will finally be reached or if the high intensity cannot be higher ».

sig.term term is a reference to the computer-centric contemporary world in which smaller units of calculation, called processes, can communicate and ask to the others to shutdown. sig.term means signal termination. This is a direct reference to some of his previous works disrupt!on (2014) or signal.interrupt (2014). This concept has some references in communication sciences & sociology contexts too.

The visual system designed specifically for sig.term uses itself the concept of continuum vs interruption by displaying real-time generated complex patterns constantly disturbed by results coming from the sound analysis. The artist lets live his visual system almost autonomously and alters it by playing with sound parameters, illustrating the concept of transduction too (transduction from sound modality to visual modality).



Julien Bayle