WORKS / Horror Vacui A/V live performance

Date: 2013-07-06
Places: Leicester, Barcelona, Horlursfestival
Technology: Ableton Live, Max for Live, Max6/Jitter, OSC, Internet streaming
Role: Composer, Performer, Programmer, Visuals designer

Horror Vacui is an A/V live performance


It shows a very complex set of lines, living on the screen, moving according to the music and filling the anxiety-provoking empty spaces.
It has been filed in ambient & drone experimental performance.

horrorVacui02 horrorVacui03   horrorVacui01

I played it remotely at first for the Max6 european biggest event named Code Control
With an incredible setup, I streamed my music via mixlr provider service and I sent digital commands & orders from Marseille to Leicester where the visuals & music were provided to the audience.
Using OSC messages, I have been able to control the visual software I have previously sent to Leicester. The purpose was to not stream the video because of quality problem. Then, I chose to transmit only modifier/orders and the local software in Leicester have been control in real time by me, around 2000km further.

I played this performance another time at Störung Festival 8 in Barcelona in april 2013. Read more about this here.

You can listen the performance recorded live the first time I played it on air here: