WORKS / Digital Organisms A/V live performance

Date: 2013-07-12
Places: Festival TLN2013, Norberg Festival,Derry Culture Tech
Technology: Max6 & Gen, Ableton Live, Custom Reaktor sequencers
Role: Composer, designer, performer

Digital Organisms is an A/V live performance designed for big rooms with dancefloor.

This visually intriguing and immersive performance proposes a digital vision of strange digital organisms floating into the void and reacting to the sounds produced in real-time. Both sound & visuals are produced in real-time.

This is more an environment than a piece itself and is very useful for expressing my own feelings through sounds & visuals.

As usual, the system is not totally controllable. I clearly want this because I consider it as a necessary source of infinite chaos. I can drive it a lot but I let it go in a lot of sub-processes too. It is a part of my performance.

Here is a very beautiful picture of the premiere of this A/V live performance in Toulon for Festival TLN 2013 and shot by Jean-Gilles Arpajou





Here are some videos taken by people:

Here is a short extract of one of the first prototype.



Here is a very short sound extraction from this piece.