WORKS / The Village, a generative population-based living system

Date: 2013-05-25
Places: Marseille
Technology: Openframeworks, C++, Arduino, Wireless technology
Role: Developper, Interaction designer, Maker

The village, also named “Where2Now” is a piece initially imagined by the well-known designer Pippo Lionni and produced by Videospread (Céline Jouenne).

We worked together and I modeled and coded the whole piece using Openframeworks
The project consists in making a digital generative scene of a village in which many people appear, work, sleep, eat, walk, play and finally run into panic and eventually die under a massive bombing attack. People can also survive and as a small light of hope, new people can come to live in this village from the outside too.

I also designed a piece of hardware used for interacting with the digital piece.
It consists in a small device able to track brutal movement of a person taking it in hands. All data flies wirelessly to the computer and this latter makes the bomb exploding in the sky, making the people of the village saved.

You can check a dedicated BIG tutorial about how I designed this device on Cycling ’74’s website

Check this 5 minutes capture:


Check photographies below.

where2now01 where2now02 where2now03


Openframeworks has been used with Xcode native OSX framework.
The smooth integration is perfect to code fast.


Here are some pictures from the device design.