WORKS / Musée des Cinématographies de la Méditerranée – Château de la Buzine

Date: 2011-06-13
Places: Marseille
Technology: Max 5 (Max MSP)
Role: Programmer, Hardware designer, Interaction designer


The Museum is: Musée de la Buzine – Maison des cinématographies de la Méditerranée

It involves:

  • – 24 systems with OS Windows 7 64bits + 1 server with Windows 2008 server.
  • – 1 Gigabit Ethernet Network
  • – 7 touchscreen
  • – 10 video-projectors
  • – 20 rfid readers
  • – 7 arduino boards with 8 buttons + 8 ultrasonic sensors
  • – 2 multichannel (>4) sound system

I designed the whole system, integrating visuals from a graphic designer, videos from footage makers, sounds from sound designers.

I had to create several tricky systems like:

  • – a dynamic subtitler for video (using basic .srt files for easy maintenance & change by the customer)
  • – a scheduler (using UDP datagrams to shutdown the whole exhibition at particular hours all along the years & using Wake On Lan UDP datagrams to wake up all in the morning too)
  • – a database integration (it provides a system to make Max5 patches knowing what is the language of the visitor’s RFID Card)
  • – full network connections to remote control all patches with UDP datagrams (put the installation stand by mode to save energy, etc)
  • – specific Arduino firmwares (input reading + output writing)

This Museum has been inaugurated by the french Ministry of Culture, on June 2011.

You can see more about this museum and about what we made on those videos on the original post


Buzine01 Buzine02 Buzine03 Buzine04