WORKS / Buddha Machine’s samples remix

Date: 2012-08-08
Technology: Ableton Live, Own custom Max for Live FX

I have been invited to use the sample contained inside these small devices named Buddha Machine FM3


Indeed, this piece is a track made exclusively with FM3 Buddha Machine official Samples.
It would be on their soundcloud account but they have not enough place and I should make another track shorter. But I unfortunately cannot work again on it.

This is a study of graininess of sounds using different systems like distorsions, granular-based delays and side-chained gate limiters.The tone all along the track is a bit haunting, trying to maintain the tension until the end.

The title “signals” is based on my fascination for wires & pulses.

You can listen to it and even download it as a CC BY NC SA licensed piece of music.

[soundcloud id=’55748075′]