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Présentation d’Ableton Live Push en français

Feb 27, 2013

Ceci est une courte présentation de ce qu’est le contrôleur PUSH.
Avec un ami, on avait envie de le sortir un peu du studio pour aller lui faire prendre l’air sur la plage à Marseille.

N’oubliez pas de visitez la page du PUSH que je mets à jour au fur et à mesure:
N’oubliez pas non plus de vous abonner à mon channel youtube.


Enregistrement des tutoriels Ableton Live 9 pour Elephorm

Feb 26, 2013

Ce n’est plus un secret, nous enregistrons cette semaine les tutoriels vidéos d’Ableton Live 9 et PUSH pour Elephorm.

Elephorm a publié une interview le 21 février annonçant cela que vous pouvez lire ici.

L’ENSEMBLE des fonctionnalités, astuces et plus de Live 9 Suite sera couvert!
En tant que formateur certifié, j’ai eu le privilège de pouvoir tester Live 9 depuis novembre et surtout, j’ai depuis bientôt 2 semaines le nouveau contrôleur PUSH. Une page de ce site lui est consacrée.

Mes formations sont aussi disponibles ici: http:///abletonlive

Interview Elephorm Julien Bayle



Ableton PUSH Demo #1 / Creating Beats

Feb 19, 2013

Hi there,
I’m currently designing tutorials video for ELEPHORM, a great french editor making both DVD and VOD tutorials
I’m making that in french for them but I can answer to your questions about PUSH in french, english and italian.

More to come these next days …

Comment créer des rythmes avec Live 9 et PUSH ? / How to create beats with Live 9 and PUSH ?


Testing intuitively Ableton PUSH outside of studio

Feb 17, 2013


After to have myself tested a lot Ableton PUSH controller these days, I asked to my great friend and musician Denis to test it without documentations, informations or whatever.
I want to report to Ableton also on this way: how much is the gear intuitive ?

Considering how my friend (and I, several days ago) took it in hands and plays, I can say : IT IS INTUITIVE !

The most amazing stuff, imho, is the fact it is not only a clip launcher AT ALL!
You can start with the session mode totally empty and fill it, working on loops (or not looped stuff), adding notes using drum racks pads, add an effect, enable or disable any devices just with the PUSH.

The very nice Dennis De Santis demo shows this. Dennis said we can use this to create materials then, we can finish, consolidate, edit it using the computer.
I would add something: we can also play like that during live performance! Creating material from scratch! This is really impressive!

Here is my latest video with Denis (not Dennis), my great friend.
I shot it with my mobile phone to restitute the improvisational feeling we had. This isn’t in our studio, there weren’t monitoring, just us, PUSH and the computer with Live 9.
I planned to shoot more videos that will be more tutorialesque and more pro quite soon.

Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to bump me questions about PUSH and Live 9, I’m also here to share and help you!

minimal.bits.grains installation prototype

Dec 22, 2012

Here is a very short video about my minimal.bits.grains installation.

minimal.bits is a huge container of projects by me and I want to develop more than one installation inside this framework.
This early video show one rendering in real-time.

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