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What am I making these days ?

Jan 4, 2012

These days, I worked on my new sequencer after the success of the Uncanny Sequencer.

I’ll soon write a “Sequencing Manifesto”
You’ll like it.
I think the sequence (I didn’t write repetitive sequence) is a key in the electronic music.
It can be a repetitive one, a totally random one, or evolving one according to different factors which can themselves evolve…
I like this kind of biological concept, mimetizing … life.

Here is the teaser.

My tools are used in the real life !

Dec 31, 2011

Some people sent us their own music made with tools I designed!
It is really impressive to listen what they made & composed

I want to feature them as much as possible, so I hope they’ll send me more.

Especially, I’m totally amazed and fascinated by this track made with tools I designed (The Uncanny Sequencer + Drone Machine)
The user is named purzelifyable.

Listen to what those tools can produce in real life.

[soundcloud id=’31639600′]

Both tools are available here:
+ + The famous Uncanny Sequencer
+ + The Drone Machine

Designing sequences and sequencers

Dec 22, 2011

I’m looking for the right sequence everyday.
Indeed, making music, sounds, pieces of noise, I have a precise idea in my mind of the target.

So, I’m designing a strange Continue reading »

Uncanny Sequencer in the real world

Dec 17, 2011

My friend & beta tester Tristan Héau tweaked & composed a track with The Uncanny Sequencer.

[soundcloud id=’30886448′]

Track made using Uncanny Sequencer for the drums and a Theremin (instrument by Puremagnetik). Mixing standard 4/4 with 5/4 divisions.

I really thank him a lot. Designing tools and seeing (listening) people using it, independantly from you is … like magic.

I’d like to make a kind of sequencer contest.
It would be named:   The Uncanny Contest

You can already send me your sequence (NO MP3, please links to soundcloud), and I’ll compile that and publish you on I’ll post them in the forum here: http:///topic/64-the-uncanny-contest/

New video with The Uncanny Sequencer

Dec 15, 2011

I want to thank you a lot about the enthusiasm you yelled about that sequencer.
Thanks to Synthtopia, MatrixSynth and Peter Kirn too.

Here is a fresh & new video I just made.

I hope you’ll like it.
Please comment here, on youtube if you need informations etc.

I am VERY interested by the music you make with it.

Take care & Have fun with the sequencer



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