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ALPHA at sound:frame festival at MAK / Austria

Feb 10, 2015

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be part of the sound:frame festival in Austria this year.

I’ll play ALPHA live performance in The MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art on 17th April 2015.
On the same evening, Kyoka will play there too and some other artists.



A specific version of ALPHA will be shown on 3 screens in the museum.

Thanks to Juliette Bibasse, my booking agent on this one!


Mirage Festival in Lyon will host ALPHA live performance

Dec 15, 2014

I’m very happy to announce that I will play ALPHA, my audiovisual live performance, at Mirage Festival in Lyon on the Saturday 28th february 2015.

Here is the official teaser and some pictures extracted from the live performance played at RIAM Festival in Marseille and shot by Aurélie and her gang: AlterEchoes

Alpha live performance by Julien Bayle

Alpha live performance by Julien Bayle

Alpha live performance by Julien Bayle

ALPHA at GRIM Marseille for RIAM XI Festival

Nov 7, 2014

I played ALPHA live performance at GRIM for the last night of the RIAM Festival on previous monday. It was a really nice moment and my first gig at GRIM.

I wanted to thank you :
– Angela!
Philippe, Pedro & Sabrina / Technè
Nicolas Debade & Julien & Nicolas / GRIM
Aurélie & Julien & Manon / Alter Echoes
– Anne & David
– François
– Robin
– Alex & Lucia

The whole live performance have been recorded (video) and here are some exclusive shots by Sigrun Sauerzapfe .
There are much more and I’ll upload them progressively on my facebook page.



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DISRUPT!ON installation & performance report

Apr 1, 2014

So we did it.

François Larini, the curator of DISRUPT!ON both in London (installation side) and in Monaco (performance side), and I were saying this : WE DID IT.

At first in this report-like post, I want to thank massively and infinitely:

– François Larini, without him, this project wouldn’t have been done at all and I wouldn’t have met a very great person and curator. I really looking forward to continue to work with him,
– Marie-Claude Beaud, NMNM’s Director and a very impressive and amazing person,
– Pierre & Gary from The Centre of Attention in London for hosting the installation in their place,
– GMEM in which I prepared and tested the project itself,
– NMNM’s people for their kindness, interest and precious help

I spent a couple of days in London to install DISRUPT!ON on previous week. It was a really nice moment: the one when everything comes to life.


François Larini and I were struggling with wires


Setting up the 2 BIG LCD videoprojectors!


Then I tested and tried to find the sound that fitted the most my intention. Pierre, the gallery’s owner and François were there to help me and support my work. They were nice moments !
Here are some pictures taken after the moment where I said: “ok I’m ok now!”







Then, the Friday 28th March, I played the live performance in Monaco at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. While I was performing, I was focused on visuals & sound in Monaco, tweaking the sound and trying to find the edge and the fragility of the right tension and moment. The nice thing which have been a bit hard to explain to the audience was that each parameter I was tweaking was also sending numerical values through internet to the installation in London. This latter was reacting by changing, moving and evolving on a way I didn’t even know in Monaco, as I didn’t have the vision of what it was happening there.


I was presenting DISRUPT!ON to the museum’s audience


I was about to play DISRUPT!ON in NMNM

Here are some pictures shot by Fiorella del Prato and Élodie Biancheri from NMNM. They have been shot using mobile phones. I’m waiting for pictures from Monaco TV which made us an interview with François Larini. They also shot parts of the performance, apparently.




You can retrieve other pictures on my FB page here.

Here are 3 videos captured by Élodie from NMNM:

DISRUPT!ON on its way to London and Monaco

Mar 1, 2014

Thanks to GMEM and Christian, Sarah & Jérôme especially.
I can say I finished the setup of DISRUPT!ON in their studios.

If you remember correctly, you already know that DISRUPT!ON is both an installation & live performance.

The installation will be setup in London at News of the world 50 Resolution Way, Deptford, London SE8 4NT and visible from 27th March to 13th April 2014.

The live performance will take place at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco, Villa Paloma, 56, boulevard du Jardin Exotique 98000 Monaco

Here is the first exclusive official excerpt of the live performance.

For further details, stay tuned on the newsletter. One will be popped out on next days…



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