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“Uncertainty, Fragility, Max, and Live” , an interview by

Jun 19, 2014

I have been invited to answer some question for Thanks a lot to David Abravanel from Ableton.

You can read it here and I added it to the page with all my interview.

Julien Bayle by

Talk at Rencontres Futurism in Toulouse

Jun 2, 2014



I have been invited for a talk at Rencontres Futurism in Toulouse beside of Les Siestes Electroniques Festival.

I will talk about the visualization of sound, which is one of the main axis of my work.
I will talk about my collaboration with CNRS-LMA too for my next installations incoming

Here is the pitch of my talk:

De plus en plus, les artistes pensent leur musique comme associée à des images. Cependant, au-delà du classique VJ et des logiciels automatiques de mapping, les artistes s’orientent de plus en plus vers la programmation pour s’affranchir des codes établis depuis longtemps liés à l’illustration simple. En effet, avec des frameworks comme Max6, il est possible de programmer complètement des systèmes génératifs, des lecteurs de vidéos pré-enregistrées, des processeurs d’images capturées par des webcams et bien plus. Je propose ici une véritable approche esthétique et technologique de la visualisation du son qui puisent à la fois dans la recherche d’une forme d’expression pensée à l’avance mais aussi dans l’exploration progressive de proche en proche laquelle j’utilise souvent dans mes différents temps de résidences artistiques autour de projet d’installations sonores et visuelles ou de projets de live performance. Abordant aussi bien le nécessaire théorique que les aspects concrets pour réaliser des oeuvres sonores et visuelles, ce Talk est une véritable plongée dans le monde du son et du visuel qui donne les pistes essentielles et l’état de l’Art des champs associés. Les technologies décrites et utilisées au cours du workshop sont : OpenGL, Max6 (Max/MSP, Jitter et Gen), Max for Live & Ableton Live, VDMX, Openframeworks, OSC. Il sera question de sonification vs visualisation, approche pixel map vs openGL/3D, intérêt du noise et du hasard contrôlé. – See more at:


I have been unable to be scheduled for playing ALPHA A/V my liveset, but I will on next events, maybe.

/Houston we’ve had a problem/ opening in Marseille

May 21, 2014

I’m part of a group show at The Gallery Karima Celestin in Marseille.

I’m showing signal.interrupt, a visual & sound generative minimalist piece exploring the signal interruption concept and the loss of meaning.

DISRUPT!ON installation & performance report

Apr 1, 2014

So we did it.

François Larini, the curator of DISRUPT!ON both in London (installation side) and in Monaco (performance side), and I were saying this : WE DID IT.

At first in this report-like post, I want to thank massively and infinitely:

- François Larini, without him, this project wouldn’t have been done at all and I wouldn’t have met a very great person and curator. I really looking forward to continue to work with him,
- Marie-Claude Beaud, NMNM’s Director and a very impressive and amazing person,
- Pierre & Gary from The Centre of Attention in London for hosting the installation in their place,
- GMEM in which I prepared and tested the project itself,
- NMNM’s people for their kindness, interest and precious help

I spent a couple of days in London to install DISRUPT!ON on previous week. It was a really nice moment: the one when everything comes to life.


François Larini and I were struggling with wires


Setting up the 2 BIG LCD videoprojectors!


Then I tested and tried to find the sound that fitted the most my intention. Pierre, the gallery’s owner and François were there to help me and support my work. They were nice moments !
Here are some pictures taken after the moment where I said: “ok I’m ok now!”







Then, the Friday 28th March, I played the live performance in Monaco at Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. While I was performing, I was focused on visuals & sound in Monaco, tweaking the sound and trying to find the edge and the fragility of the right tension and moment. The nice thing which have been a bit hard to explain to the audience was that each parameter I was tweaking was also sending numerical values through internet to the installation in London. This latter was reacting by changing, moving and evolving on a way I didn’t even know in Monaco, as I didn’t have the vision of what it was happening there.


I was presenting DISRUPT!ON to the museum’s audience


I was about to play DISRUPT!ON in NMNM

Here are some pictures shot by Fiorella del Prato and Élodie Biancheri from NMNM. They have been shot using mobile phones. I’m waiting for pictures from Monaco TV which made us an interview with François Larini. They also shot parts of the performance, apparently.




You can retrieve other pictures on my FB page here.

Here are 3 videos captured by Élodie from NMNM:

Darwin Grosse & Julien Bayle discussing Art & Technology

Feb 3, 2014

I have been invited by Darwin Grosse, one of the magic developer and head of documentation of Max6 (formerly Max/MSP) at Cycling 74 to have a discussion about my art, my creation processes and my background.

It was a 50′ big discussion a bit messy sometimes, but rich and very interesting.

I’m inviting you now to listen the whole discussion here:

The header of the podcast written by Darwin Grosse is this one:

If you are involved in electronic/digital media creation, you’ve surely run across Julien Bayle. He is a performer, installation artist, programmer, writer and is heavily involved in almost every facet of media arts. He is also a public figure that spends a lot of time investigating systems – and sharing what he’s found with the community. I find Julien fascinating, because he seems to be incredibly productive, and seems to finish more work than most people can even conceive of starting. In this conversation, we talk about his background, how he became comfortable with the many technologies that he uses, and how he is able to accomplish so much.

As I suggest in the intro, this podcast was a bit of a scramble; both technical and scheduling issues pushed this right to the brink. But this conversation is a great way to peer into the mind of a self-described “obsessive”, and understand how Julien decides on which work to pursue as well as which decisions he’s decided to make. Great stuff. To learn more about Julien’s work, please check out, where you can read his blog and follow him through some of his tech-exploits.