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Nice C++ guide by Google

Mar 12, 2012

I wanted to refer to this nice guide by google.

It is really useful, and full of best practices.

Google graph your functions f(x)

Dec 5, 2011

I just figured out something I absolutely want to share in order to increase my G.R.* Google graph your functions. A function is a mathematical entity/concept. Check the wikipedia page. Here is one result with trigonometric functions:   A fast reduced idea about code Continue reading »

My very best OSX tools and apps

Dec 1, 2011

You already know I’m a computer science background guy/geek.
I always worked with Windows & Linux/Unix.

This was more an habit than a real decision.

Developing C++, HTML or other Max patch, I would have been well on any platform, considering those stuff almost platform-independant.
I mean: coding C++ in Visual Studio, Eclipse or XCode on OSX is everytime coding C++

But I needed :
– HUGE battery autonomy
– Massive RAM amount
– a platform to develop iOS stuff

The last item drives me to OSX/MacBook Pro, obviously, but the first item too.

You can check this old post about me, just before the big jump.

During those 2 months with OSX, I grabbed some necessary apps, and I wanted, today, share them with you.
You can comment and add some apps too, it would be a pleasure to make that list growing.

Here is the list :

Real friendly URL tips

Nov 10, 2011

This is my tip for you.

I created 3 pages on google+ these days, AS SOON AS it has been available.

My artist page as protofuse has a nice url:

My music label’s page as bitsquare records has a nice url:

and the page of Design the Media is:

What ugly URL.
Google WILL support custom names.

But in the meantime, let’s do that:

1) Create a subdomain of your websites with a cute name (gplus is very ok)
2) Create an .htaccess file in the root folder and remove ALL the other files.
3) Edit your .htaccess like that:

RedirectPermanent / https://<your URL>

where <your URL> is the one you have copied/pasted from your url bar in your browser when you are on your page:

In the case of Design the Media :

RedirectPermanent /

Spread this. Aesthetic URL are so nice.

Check our page:

My Google+ report after 2 weeks

Jul 16, 2011

I always liked Google.

A lot of people still have completely uninteresting debate about privacy of Google/Search Engines/Privacy of requests etc … on their wall on Facebook, which is very funny considering the Facebook’s data privacy statements.
We ARE tracked, logged.
It is a fact.
But it begins with our credit card, guys.
You can live without one, as you can live without social network, and deeper by the whole humanity.
So please, don’t complaint more about that on social networks!!! It was funny, it is annoying, now

So, I’m on Gmail since the beginning, where the beta circles (circle!) were still very closed.
I have been invited by a friend and obviously, I liked it a lot directly.
One of the most important stuff was the cloud vision they already had at this time: you don’t need your heavy computer, with your unsafe filesystem & your Thunderbird or, worst, Outlook Client, you don’t have to suck your bandwidth importing your pictures, emails etc… You just go, sign in, read your emails, answer, share and chat with gtalk and you can do that using HTTPS (it means TSL, it means you are safe) even in a cyber-café everywhere. Cellular are the most interesting entry point, btw.
Again, we read a lot of debates about the fact THOSE bad guys would read OUR emails, dissecting our lifes, stealing our codes & phones numbers.
You know what? Those insane debates still happens! And you know what (²) ? Some guys on Facebook debates there (on Facebook website I mean) about that.


I have been invited by my friend Drew Meyer on Google+ at the VERY beginning, on july the 1st.

I tested it a lot since 2 weeks!

And I have to write the first 2 weeks report, I LIKE it a lot.

Actually, Google+ is:
– your profile (mine)
– the stream (where you read & post messages)
– the sparks (where you can search something and have a list of results very specific depending of what you post, what your friends post etc)
– the hangout (basically, a video chat up to 10 persons at the same time)
– the circles (you create circles, put people inside with organization purpose)

Google+frees YOUR data
Of course they couldn’t follow another way.
But it is clean!

You can download all your data very easily and it works!

Google+ is minimalistic
I’m very sensitive to aesthetic of things.
A so minimalistic page as Google did is very nice because it is very relaxing for eyes.
And we really need that. We are everytime attacked by a lot of informations, images, pictures, photos, sounds, etc.
I found the Google+ page very quiet & zen.

Google+ can replace my Twitter
One of the first important thing about Google+ is the fact there is no need to create friendships.
You follow someone, put him/her in one of your circle, and after that, you can see each posts he/she makes (considering he/she decided to post for public or … we’ll see that later)

You want to follow me, ok. I don’t have to say yes or no. But I can restrict my post to my circles and if you aren’t in one of them, you’ll never see anything from me… interesting no?
You, We, posters are the masters of our destiny!

It means it reminds me Twitter, but only with the non bi-directionnal behaviour… only that because 140 characters suck!

You can follow someone, but if this one doesn’t follow you, it doesn’t matter.
Btw, he’ll know you have began to follow him/her.

The circles mechanism is VERY nice and powerful and privacy-friendly!

Here is a little schematic.

Basically, when you post, you are constrained (!) to know the destination of your post!
This is amazing, where Facebook hid that, Google+ raised it as a must, a necessary parameter without which you basically CANNOT post.

– You can post for single persons on Google+ or even not on it by typing their email.
– You can post for specific circles or only one which means for ALL contacts in those circles.
– You can post for extended circles which means to ALL circles of your circled contact.
– You can post for public, which means for everyone on Google+

Of course you can combine all. For instance, for this person, this circle.

Noone can know if you added him/her into which circles. All circles are up to you.
You can make a circle for your worst contacts too!

A lot of people, and me, already asked for dynamic circles which would be great!
I’d NEED to have for instance a circle with all the 50 last persons who have began to follow me, or the 20 persons with which I didn’t have any shares since the last 2 weeks etc.

We’ll see.

Some people posted a lot of ideas and I like this kidding

Google+ makes the circle porosity a nice way to meet new friends
You begin to follow someone, this one is notified (if he wants to be notified, of course).
But while he doesn’t add you to one of his/her circle, he’ll never see any posts from you!

It is wrong!
He/she can see them… in a little hole between circled friends & non-circled friends: the Incoming page.

Let’s summarize: I add you, you don’t know me, you’re suspicious, I post, you are not annoyed by my post on your stream … BUT you can see what I’m posting on another page named Incoming.

I can now check a bit what you posted before to add you.

Facebook created lists, but it doesn’t work like circle, check that.

Google+ can replace my blog
With all what I said about circles and privacy about posting, I guess I could use it as my official blog.
My “premium” circles would see specific posts, but basic visitors would only read the common mainstream posts.


I’m very curious about how Google will integrate Google with Blogger/Blogspot
I guess my blog would have to be on Blogger/Blogspot before to be directly inside Google+

Google+ teaches you the subtle art of mute
You read a nice post from a SO famous/verbose person.
You comment.
1234 persons comment after you… you receive a bunch of notification and more, the post moves up on your stream… you have enough…

Click on “Mute this post”

It is the best tool ever!
You can comment, let a little lead/idea/email/name and just after click on “Mute this post”
You have participated, people can see you, but you are not annoyed!

A lot of other ideas could be written here

Google+ integrates Picasa (and kill Flickr)
This is done.
Flickr is a HUGE machine working so fine.
I have an account since 8 years you know!
I grabbed all and putted ALL in Picasa.
It is cheaper, it is integrated with the whole google ecosystem, it is easy and I can even modify the photo without my hard & heavy toolsuite from Adobe which I own and use btw.

You can tag, comments, shares with some circles (again them)
It is just easy.

You share the same disk space with all other services if you have bought a space at google as I did (20G for very few bucks)

About those annoying change resistive people who yell Google+ copied Facebook
Obviously, it talks about people, list, email, share, pictures, links.
So why didn’t you say my website has copied Facebook too? There are people reading it, commenting it, there are some pictures, links etc.
Stupid remark.
Btw, Google+ could have copied, they are conccurent no? But I think they had really built the idea from the ground up.

No Wall concept on Google+
Indeed, There is no real wall because your stream is what you decide it is AND people cannot see your … stream.

No, you cannot say you’re not the master of what you post & what you see!

I guess FB still is the biggest (750M >> 10M) but it is a matter of time.
Google+ evolves to a nice stuff already. Some features are added each days.
Ergonomy is centered on us, users and not (yet) on ads.
I’m not candid (I’m trying to be the most but) I know they use our link/traffic profiling etc… But they’ll do it nicely and I’m not annoyed by their “job behind the curtains”
Facebook website isn’t built like that, and I was always annoyed by that.
Ergonomy isn’t deeply and nicely made.

I’m happy because we have now the choice.
I guess we’re still some privilegied people to have access to google+
I can still invite (send me your email at & I’ll help you by inviting you)
They decided to open the door end of july I read.

I think we cannot see Facebook as evil & Google as angel
Indeed, they’ll probably put some ads and we don’t know anything about:

-business/artist/organization pages-like part
– API (will it be VERY open which could be nice BUT which could offer to those bastardos from farmville to produce annoying games for monetization which would SPAMMMM our streams)
– Blogger/Blogspot integration
– Gmail integration

By the way, I LOVE GOOGLE!


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