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Nice C++ guide by Google

Mar 12, 2012

I wanted to refer to this nice guide by google.

It is really useful, and full of best practices.

Google graph your functions f(x)

Dec 5, 2011

I just figured out something I absolutely want to share in order to increase my G.R.* Google graph your functions. A function is a mathematical entity/concept. Check the wikipedia page. Here is one result with trigonometric functions:   A fast reduced idea about code Continue reading »

My very best OSX tools and apps

Dec 1, 2011

You already know I’m a computer science background guy/geek.
I always worked with Windows & Linux/Unix.

This was more an habit than a real decision.

Developing C++, HTML or other Max patch, I would have been well on any platform, considering those stuff almost platform-independant.
I mean: coding C++ in Visual Studio, Eclipse or XCode on OSX is everytime coding C++

But I needed :
- HUGE battery autonomy
- Massive RAM amount
- a platform to develop iOS stuff

The last item drives me to OSX/MacBook Pro, obviously, but the first item too.

You can check this old post about me, just before the big jump.

During those 2 months with OSX, I grabbed some necessary apps, and I wanted, today, share them with you.
You can comment and add some apps too, it would be a pleasure to make that list growing.

Here is the list :

Real friendly URL tips

Nov 10, 2011

This is my tip for you.

I created 3 pages on google+ these days, AS SOON AS it has been available.

My artist page as protofuse has a nice url:

My music label’s page as bitsquare records has a nice url:

and the page of Design the Media is:

What ugly URL.
Google WILL support custom names.

But in the meantime, let’s do that:

1) Create a subdomain of your websites with a cute name (gplus is very ok)
2) Create an .htaccess file in the root folder and remove ALL the other files.
3) Edit your .htaccess like that:

RedirectPermanent / https://<your URL>

where <your URL> is the one you have copied/pasted from your url bar in your browser when you are on your page:

In the case of Design the Media :

RedirectPermanent /

Spread this. Aesthetic URL are so nice.

Check our page:


I’m recommended … wow!

Aug 12, 2011

I’m now recommended by the website !

They did it ! wow.
Thanks to +them to be considered as … recommended
Thanks to all of you who may recommend me to them !!!