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Störung Festival 8

Apr 23, 2013

Here is my personal report of these nice moments in Barcelona at Störung Festival 8.

At first, I want to thank Alex Gàmez for everything he made for this great festival !
I’d probably forget some people so I want also to thank all people at Störung + Farinera del clot in Barcelona for their kindness, coolness, happiness and energy! You are making such a huge work and you deserve to be hug !

I have been invited by Alex around january/february for playing live + make a workshop.
His (their) professionalism is really appreciate by people traveling like me and indeed, I have been guided everywhere from the airport where the nice Montse drove me to my hotel  and inside Farinera del Clot where Jose and the staff helped to make a nice sound-check + helped me for my workshop about Max6 too.

StörungFestival8_Protofuse_01 StörungFestival8_Protofuse_02

I went there on thursday and played my A/V live performance the same day at the evening.


It was a kind of electronica ambient but with rhythms too. I had a BIG screen to show up my living lines. I wanted to shoot a small video before the show of my lines meshed and rendered in Max6/Jitter.

Here is that ugly quality video, but I think some guys recorded high quality videos so, I’d post that later.

StörungFestival8_Protofuse_06 StörungFestival8_Protofuse_04



I played around 40 to 45 minutes and low frequencies were as I wanted. Low, raw, vibrating!
I still used Touchable to trigger clips but I had really a few clips. Indeed, sounds came from strange devices own made in Reaktor + Max6 too and I only tweaked some fx, some parameters related to mixer (EQ etc) on stage. Visuals were reactive so I only had to check sometimes on the screen if everything was ok. It seemed to have been okay 🙂


On the next day, I almost “ran” to Sagrada Familia place because I couldn’t miss it that time.
I worked a bit on my workshop announced for 17:30 at the same place.
The title was : “Approach of A/V performance with Max6”. I had 6 participants and it was really a nice moment.
Of course, as usual: too short!
At this moment when I’m writing this post, I don’t have the email address of all participants so please, write me privately your email on FB or on my contact form on this website. Indeed, I want to send you some links, the presentation slideshows itself  etc.



You can watch all photos on this facebook  album:

JulienBayle at Störung Festival 8


I heard and watched Jakob Kirkegaard, Mathias Delplanque, SAFFRONKEIRA, Francisco López, Frank Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt.

Unfortunately, because of my short time there, I missed some others … Moritz von Oswald, Mia Zabelka, XX + XY.

I also met some guys currently making a VERY nice and innovative iOS application for Ableton Live controlling/feedback.
This is a bit something between Lemur, Touchable. But more intuitive and which seems to be REALLY ergonomic on stage.
I’ll post more about that when I’d have tested it deeply with them 🙂

Horror Vacui EP announced

Mar 25, 2013

This is totally unofficial and this is why we love it, don’t we ?
After the two live set I played online on 24th March for Leicester’s code-control event, I had some very huge inspirations and sounds played have to be released.

Here is a short teaser of a video + sounds of Horror Vacui.
If you don’t know these terms/concept, please check this as a nice introduction.
Visuals are generated in real-time and this video is “just” a record.

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”6186″]

Stay tuned on my newsletter.

Here is the sound bits. This will be splitted in 2 tracks and released on

[soundcloud id=’84758940′]

Remote A/V live performance from Marseille to Leicester

Mar 20, 2013

UPDATES: some pictures of the performance shot in Leicester (when I was in Marseille, controlling the performance) by Nicolas Canot & Mark Towers


Waves FromMarseille To Leicester

If you followed that, the team behind in Leicester invited me for the event this week.

UNFORTUNATELY, I wasn’t able to go there at that time.

But I’m participating with 2 things:
PROJECT1111 will be presented and shown there each of the 3 days from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
– I’ll perform remotely on sunday at 19:15PM, check the facebook event

You will be able to see the live set in Leicester in Phoenix Media Center.

You will also be able to listen this ambient live performance on my account:

So what is my remote setup and what is the purpose ?


I will perform live from home with my laptop using Ableton Live 9.

My music data (MIDI Notes, etc) will be processed by a Max6 patch able to translate that in very lightweight UDP data stream traveling from Marseille to Leicester using Internet. These data will be used/parsed by a bigger Max6 standalone I sent to Leicester. This standalone listens my UDP data and can react by generating visuals.

Here are a couple of visuals

remoteLivePerformance01 remoteLivePerformance02 remoteLivePerformance03

The sound itself will be streamed using Mixlr free service for a high quality.

We tested that already with Sean Carroll (who helped me a lot from Leicester) and here is a basic footage showing his screen recording and mine. If the synchro seems ok, the delays and jitters about the time respect all along the test is really encouraging and nice!

I named this liveset “Waves from Marseille”, as a tribute to our small waves in the sea here and also to the data flow and data transmissions.

This will be a quite dark ambient and noise live set. I hope you’ll be able to listen to it on my mixlr profile

Ambient Atmosphere On Air

Nov 29, 2012



Before to make my big debriefing post about Leicester and all the happiness I had about this very very deep and amazing trip in the city of my friends Sean Carroll & Mark Towers, meeting Vladimir Coman-Popescu from Derby, I wanted to offer you an exclusive ambient-drone performance on next friday (November the 30th 2012)

The facebook event is :

Please join the ONLINE STREAMING HERE around 11:00 pm CET+1


Then, I’m going to play a live online my A/V electronic’ambient performance.
All sounds will be exclusively generated by Dron-E Reaktor’s ensemble by Antonio Blanca.

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Signals & FM3 Buddha Machine

Aug 10, 2012

You probably may know FM3 Buddha Machines.
These small pieces of hardware are an unique & amazing way to bring an ambient machine in your pocket.

This has been an inspirating project for my latest iOS application: Mobile Mood Machine.
Even the design of that application is based on circular buffers, loops are a very interesting ways to produce quiet & zen soundscapes.

I had some contacts with creators of these machines on twitter and decided to make a remix using official & original samples used in the machines themselves.

[soundcloud id=’55748075′]

This piece is a track made exclusively with FM3 Buddha Machine official Samples.

This is a study of graininess of sounds using different systems like distorsions, granular-based delays and side-chained gate limiters. The tone all along the track is a bit haunting, trying to maintain the tension until the end.

The title Signals is based on my fascination for wires & pulses.

I used both Ableton Live & Audiomulch for this and would be happy to answers questions if you had some:





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