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Feb 28, 2016

lines is a never ending study & work I started 10 years ago using a pencil and a paper. I’m progressively transposing from paper to computer using algorithms, seeking to find small artifacts and rounding faults as new source element emerging from this digital transposition.

here are some selected works.

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Random Marseille, a sound installation revisiting Marseille city

Apr 8, 2015

One year ago, I have been commissioned by GMEM to work on a sound installation with Maryline Palud, music teacher and her High School Students of Lycée de Provence in Marseille.

I’m very happy to present you RANDOM MARSEILLE, the result of about 10 sessions of workshops including field recording, small max/msp course and especially a lot of discussions with students MATHILDE AGABRIEL, EMMA TRUBERT, HUGO AIVAZOFF, THOMAS BARDET, LOU COUTANSON, JEAN-BAPTISTE FRANCESCHI and their very nice and open-minded music teacher MARILYNE PALUD !

I really enjoyed working with them and I really hope we’ll keep in touch for further sound explorations.

OPENING in Alcazar big Library 22nd April 2015 18:00
Then, at Théâtre National de La Criée

RANDOM MARSEILLE is a 4 channels + subwoofer sound installation producing sounds and telling the story of Marseille on a new way with only mechanical and ambient sounds. The installation have been designed only with Max7 and ambisonics externals by ICST. These latter provide a very efficient way to place sound source virtually anywhere according your speakers configurations in the room.


The french description is :

«RANDOM MARSEILLE» est une installation générative sonore issue d’une série d’ateliers de création avec les élèves du Lycée de Provence. Cette installation permet de découvrir Marseille au travers de sons enregistrés dans la ville, diffusés sur 4 haut-parleurs, disséminés dans l’espace de présentation du hall de la Criée.
Les sons donnés à entendre sont diffusés dans un ordre toujours aléatoire, mêlant des textures qui s’étirent dans le temps avec des sons percussifs.

Le signal sonore est altéré par un jeu d’effets, qui lui aussi est réglé ou déréglé en temps-réel, composant ainsi et à l’infini une mélodie bruitiste racontant la ville, en utilisant une matière première faite uniquement de sons non directement produits par l’être humain, comme celui des escalators du métro, de travaux dans la rue ou encore de bruissement de feuilles.

Une multi-diffusion qui permet de s’immerger dans un tissu sonore urbain et propose une ballade peu habituelle, au cœur de la ville…

Gap EP’s pins now released

Mar 21, 2015

Praveer Baijal (Yatra Arts) released pins !
They show the visual/cover I designed for the EP itself.

GAP EP Pins Julien Bayle

GAP EP Pins Julien Bayle

Some of my generative artworks featured on vinyl releases

Feb 12, 2015

Thanks to Boston Pizza Records for having requested me to use one of my generative design for both the cover and the vinyl piece too !

Tercer Sol – “Tercer Sol” EP – ( Boston Pizza Records / Flexidiscos, Nov 2014)

One of this series is below and you can visit this page about the (unfinished and unexhibited yet project):


Electronic Citites started to generate patterns

Jan 17, 2015

My audio-visual generative piece Electronic Cities is currently exhibited at Galerie Karima Celestin in France. Check the previous news for all coordinates & informations about this group exhibition.

But it also stores all city pattern generated and uploads them real-time to this URL:

From the opening day 17th January to 28th February 2015, the system will store and show these generated picture with an high resolution (2400 x 600) corresponding to the 3 screens installations.

You can also follow this specific Twitter account :


The purpose is: using this BIG data-set for making a print, a design-concept book or something else.
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