minimal.bits is a minimalism-based project containing multiple forms.
minimal.bits is a meta-piece of art expressing my own feelings through many forms and many media all related to minimalism itself.
minimal.bits is a part of me. It is multiple, obsessive, immersive, overwhelming and connected.
minimal.bits uses technology with only minimalism purposes, resulting in very minimal visuals/sounds for you eyes/ears.

Every aspects of digital creation are over-saturated by too much colors, too much elements, too much informations for our senses. Through each part of minimal.bits, I’m trying to express another side of our world mainly made of data. By using different entry points, audience can immerse itself into my electronic world, questioning itself about its own place within these data flows, about the place of all these stimuli generated in real-time playing both with chance and control.


7 forms are actually work in progress:

– is an A/V live performance
minimal.bits.installation is an A/V generative & immersive installation
– minimal.bits.hardware is an arduino-based A/V generator
– is a free A/V generative mobile application
– minimal.bits.record is a double record including a live performance and an album
– minimal.bits.workshop is a 2 hours workshop around the whole design of minimal.bits
– is a limited edition of book containing a lot of visuals generated



This project isn’t yet commissioned. As a pure self-funded and DIY artist, I can take myself almost every part of it. But it won’t be enough.
I’m currently looking for support for any or one part of the project. Especially, I’m looking for people able to talk about it, to spread the word, to promote it on any manners.

Here are a small teasers of minimal.bits.installation.