Störung Festival 8

Apr 23, 2013 - 10:46

Here is my personal report of these nice moments in Barcelona at Störung Festival 8.

At first, I want to thank Alex Gàmez for everything he made for this great festival !
I’d probably forget some people so I want also to thank all people at Störung + Farinera del clot in Barcelona for their kindness, coolness, happiness and energy! You are making such a huge work and you deserve to be hug !

I have been invited by Alex around january/february for playing live + make a workshop.
His (their) professionalism is really appreciate by people traveling like me and indeed, I have been guided everywhere from the airport where the nice Montse drove me to my hotel  and inside Farinera del Clot where Jose and the staff helped to make a nice sound-check + helped me for my workshop about Max6 too.

StörungFestival8_Protofuse_01 StörungFestival8_Protofuse_02

I went there on thursday and played my A/V live performance the same day at the evening.


It was a kind of electronica ambient but with rhythms too. I had a BIG screen to show up my living lines. I wanted to shoot a small video before the show of my lines meshed and rendered in Max6/Jitter.

Here is that ugly quality video, but I think some guys recorded high quality videos so, I’d post that later.

StörungFestival8_Protofuse_06 StörungFestival8_Protofuse_04



I played around 40 to 45 minutes and low frequencies were as I wanted. Low, raw, vibrating!
I still used Touchable to trigger clips but I had really a few clips. Indeed, sounds came from strange devices own made in Reaktor + Max6 too and I only tweaked some fx, some parameters related to mixer (EQ etc) on stage. Visuals were reactive so I only had to check sometimes on the screen if everything was ok. It seemed to have been okay :)


On the next day, I almost “ran” to Sagrada Familia place because I couldn’t miss it that time.
I worked a bit on my workshop announced for 17:30 at the same place.
The title was : “Approach of A/V performance with Max6″. I had 6 participants and it was really a nice moment.
Of course, as usual: too short!
At this moment when I’m writing this post, I don’t have the email address of all participants so please, write me privately your email on FB or on my contact form on this website. Indeed, I want to send you some links, the presentation slideshows itself  etc.



You can watch all photos on this facebook  album:

JulienBayle at Störung Festival 8


I heard and watched Jakob Kirkegaard, Mathias Delplanque, SAFFRONKEIRA, Francisco López, Frank Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt.

Unfortunately, because of my short time there, I missed some others … Moritz von Oswald, Mia Zabelka, XX + XY.

I also met some guys currently making a VERY nice and innovative iOS application for Ableton Live controlling/feedback.
This is a bit something between Lemur, Touchable. But more intuitive and which seems to be REALLY ergonomic on stage.
I’ll post more about that when I’d have tested it deeply with them :)

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