Max 6.1 brings 64bit, Gen code export and much more

Mar 5, 2013 - 15:35

We can now export code from Gen~ and build Audio Units directly .
We can now export code from and grab the GLSL code too !
Read their nice wiki: Gen_Code_Export_AUGen_Code_Export_GLSL




This is a crazy day today. My Ableton Live 9 online & DVD courses have been published, Ableton Live 9 has just been released.

But Max 6.1 has been released too.
A lot of people wouldn’t see huge improvements, I know that.
But if you feel even a very bit concerned, you’ll be totally HAPPY like I am

Main change are those, and you can read more here and MUCH More here.
In orange, my best features on that release :)

64bit Application

  • Use more than 4GB RAM
  • Use high precision 64bit numbers in Max messages
  • Load 64bit Audio Unit and VST plugins

Live 9 Support

  • New devices
  • New Live API features
  • Performance and stability improvements

New Gen Features

  • Integrated operator reference
  • New operators and expression features
  • (Beta) Export Gen code to C++ (gen~) or GLSL (

Performance Improvements

  • Faster application launch
  • Faster patcher load time
  • General optimizations


With Gen~, we can already design our DSP without coding a row of typed language.
Obviously, we can use the codebox if we need that but it isn’t necessary.

With, we can design pixel processor GPU ready without typing too.

Now, with code export (in beta but ..), we can export the code generated by our patches.
– Gen~ produces C++ code with libraries etc. You patch, it produces the C++, you grab it and use it in OTHER applications to, or even in conjunction with the Max SDK to design fast external (I guess this last case won’t drive into huge improvements because Gen~ uses already the compiled code!
– produces GLSL or WebGL ready to use code !

That’s crazy mates.
Max6.1 is a BIG step further and can now be used not only as a prototyping tool by people designing pixel shaders + dsp, but as a code generator itself!

Here is the wiki documentation :




A cute organization with the cpp and libs



All the same for that produces … code

jxs glsl

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