minimal.bits.grains installation prototype

Dec 22, 2012 - 20:06

Here is a very short video about my minimal.bits.grains installation.

minimal.bits is a huge container of projects by me and I want to develop more than one installation inside this framework.
This early video show one rendering in real-time.

The idea will be to have 4 screens around you, a multi-channel sound and you immersed inside the piece.

It is based on particle system as a source of chaos, then, minimalistic & simple behavior algorithms provoke the chance, guided by some very simple rules.
In this video, you can see one of the behavior of one mode of the installation.
Everything is done in real-time and I plan to use external data like temperature, sound volume or presence detection to disturb the installation and inject richer behaviors.

I’m looking for a place to exhibit it.

That will require few equipement and I’d be happy to produce it.

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