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Because every makers/creators/artists have their own universe, it is obvious that, at a particular point of their lives, they want to make the big equation of everything in order to describe it.

Indeed, we (artists), are strange people.
We want to show you everything of us, sometimes nothing, oscillations being a huge part of our work, if we can consider we are working, because I’d prefer to write we are living, instead working.. our life being our work or vice versa.

Building an universe from nothing seems to be hard.
But there are already many parts we just have to stick, to agglomerate, to join.

In my case, I’m just multiple which doesn’t mean mentally ill!

The multiple parts of myself – working together

Art takes its sense with the word technic.
Indeed, even if some doesn’t agree with that, we know art is also relatic to skill.
Britannica Online says Art is “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others.”

How to separate skill & imagination ?
Indeed, it seems hard, but education, societies, and globally jobs & bosses tend to make you using right & left parts of the brain absolutely not at the same time, which breaks absolutely our bunch of super-powers being inside of us.
My great friend Laurent (Boghossian) agrees 100% with that and it means a lot for me as he’s one of the most accurate to explain that kind of global human theory through his books about management, self-improvement.

Indeed, you have to notice that: each person you met who was really irradiating, who really transmitted a real message totally harmonized with his/her body & aspirations was like if he/she has that super-power, that thing which was making he/she beautiful in his/her life.

I met some people like that. Not a lot.
These are those who are inspiring.

To want to be like that is a fact, but to be can be hard.
Indeed, to want to be like that doesn’t really make sense. It would be like to say:
– I want to be Max Matthews
– I want to be Skrillex (who I didn’t want to be at all, it is just an example)
– I want to be a porn star (who I didn’t want to be at all, it is just a second example)

Being someone is a non-sense compared to being yourself.
Of course I admire Max Matthews. But does his life would have be ok for me ? Not sure, which doesn’t mean more than not sure.
This human was a great creator and has just began to build the huge & important road to the computer music field..

He ‘s inspiring because of his work, but probably more because of his passioned lifestyle & amazing aura irradiating from him.
As wrote a bit before, this aura, this inspiring state was just the consequence, the product of his amazing harmonized energies in him.

I could quote a lot of people inspiring from which I could say the same things.

It now drives me to say something important

if you want to become inspiring (which is a poor way of life in itself, but a nice target to achieve as a far consequences of your life), just become yourself.

So: yes, Max Matthews and all those inspiring people feel themselves probably not really inspiring because they just are normal in their lives ; this is the world which feels them as … amazing & totally unique.

Let’s move further.

I enjoyed this artistic vision of our brains by Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, Israel for Mercedes.

left brain: i am the left brain. i am a scientist. a mathematician. i love the familiar. i categorize. i am accurate. linear. analytical. strategic. i am practical. always in control. a master of words and language. realistic. i calculate equations and play with numbers. i am order. i am logic. i know exactly who i am.

right brain: i am the right brain. i am creativity. a free spirit. i am passion. yearning. sensuality. i am the sound of roaring laughter. i am taste. the feeling of sand beneath bare feat. i am movement. vivid colors. i am the urge to paint on an empty canvas. i am boundless imagination. art. poetry. i sense. i feel. i am everything i wanted to be.

WE are all both parts.

=> The only way to express our super-powers is to use both.

In my case, it is obvious.
There is my Design the Media‘s part.
Probably more related to the left brain.
The teacher, the guy which wanted to be certified, the coder (btw not sure of the brain for this one), the man who structures & controls everything to be reassured and sure all is done.
Then, there is protofuse, but indeed, I don’t really know the limits/frontiers of its shape/body.
Almost everytime relaxed when making music or talking about everything related to pure emotions.

I’m just both.

This was one important point of my speech at the Pecha Kucha Night #13 in Marseille

Indeed, I had to describe who I am and what was my projects.
I talked about Design the Media and protofuse… one part, the other.

I’m everyday working with technology, sometimes with complex mix of frameworks and wrapping every time a bunch of cords together in order to .. finally … express something as a sound, as sequence of sounds, a visual, a patchwork of all of these.

Design the Media essentially provides tools & knowledge for you, from courses to online training sessions, from max for live machines to iOS-based sound generator.
Of course, as protofuse, I’m using some tools AND some tools are coming from the protofuse brains, which is, if you are following seriously, the right one.
But it is more the “serious” part. Serious in the sense of what society could call serious.

Protofuse is the dreamer part of me. (Design the Media is also a dreams collector, btw)
Talking about my next performance, I’m more relaxed, cool. I’m more harmonized, as I could say.
Vibrations are in a very good mood, every time I’m playing to Protofuse.

But I’m both.
And now I’m just one, which is the UNION of those two parts, vibrating together in a huge universe of harmonized waves & vibrations (which doesn’t mean synchronized, it is more complex, dudes)

The union – trying to reach the zen state
The travel to reach the so wanted Zen State would suppose you know the path.
But without knowing it exactly, you can even dream about to reach it, no?

In my case, I have a lot to say, express through what I am doing, which means, according to art definition, I’m an artist (no snobbism or flattering or whatever stuff like that, just the basic definition which could make you understanding you are one too)

When I was a photographer (seems another previous life), I needed people to see my whole series, not only one.
I needed they watch more than one series too, to better understand the approach, the process.

There is like.. let’s say … a race to reach the point/step where you can show everything of you at a same place & time, like a space coordinates with the time variable too :  (x,y,z,t)

This also can be a walk, not a race, but a sure walk in which you know almost where you want to go, or at least which shoes to take to go into that direction (in one case you know the target precisely which is rare in my case and in the other case you know the medium used to aim at a direction)

This behavior appeared also in science as the research of the Theory of Everything.
This is amazing to see that these researches appeared almost at the same time period than the Cubism ; you know, that artistic current I like to define as “seeing all the object in a same 2D space by exploding it and not only projecting it”
It can also be defined, according to me, as : “agglomerating all in a single view

This drives us to the point: The union of all part.

Moving, or at least trying to move, to the Zen State means, in my case, to unify all parts composing me.
By extension, it means, to unify all media I’m currently using, all techniques, but more globally, all parts (as you just read in the previous sentence)

The UNION has to come.

I won’t dig more about all the consequences it can drive into, but more about THE project which could, in my today’s opinion, feed me for years (at least long months!)

It would contain:
– music but unique sound bits too
– sequences but drones too
– composition features but performance tools too
– autonomous mode but totally human driven mode too
– mobile mode for being space-free but classical station mode too
– pure sounds but totally able to produce visual too
– huge potential of making drone and generative music but syncopated IDM & more jumpy sounds too
– hardcorish programmed but easy interfaces included too

I’ll call it firstly myUniverse.

myUniverse – designing the meta tool to express mySelf

As many great & strong (and especially personal) ideas, that one came naturally.
I always thought about it since around 1 year, but it became clearer since one month.
I need a meta tool.
Something stronger than a straight (even if some are a little bit non-linear) sequencer.
Something that could be that everything I need.
Something evolvable & which I could change, modify, improve not only during 1 month, but more, further in the future.
Something not only for experimental music.
Something that could drive me into very new and uncommon music research approaches.
But something fun at the same time !

myUniverse will begin its life asap.
Using evernote, I sketched a lot & wrote a lot too.

I’ll begin by using OpenFrameworks as the core base.
The first target & challenge is to build for iOS.
myUniverse is modern and has to be moveable easily.
I’ll need to compose and perform with it on a VERY flexible manner.
iPad or iPadS is/are the way, of course.

This universe could drive into workshops, masterclasses probably too.
It could also be installed as a reactive installation in places.
It could be used as an autonomous & generative system too.
It could generate visuals, too.
Eveything will be modular, so it will be flexible & cool to support & maintain and to upgrade too

I could port it for Android, for OSX computers too.

It is a real huge beginning for me.

It will change the world because it will change my world.

So stay tuned, feel free to ask more and discuss here or there and please, look into yourself, find your super-power!




  • Nice overview, although sometimes I think discrete and smaller but complete parts, like a track or a M4L tool can say a lot about you too and have the benefit of being digestible,

    small bites instead of the whole cake

    i.e. I don’t have to know all about you to appreciate what you do.

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