Digital Collisions 1.1 new features

Apr 7, 2012 - 12:47

I remixed a lot of things in Digital Collisions:
– totally remixed user interface
– sound engine improved
– multitouch balls grabbing & interactions possible & efficient
– now compatible with iOS 4.3 to the latest versions
– help included


I have been VERY happy and proud that Jordan Rudess the keyboardist of Dream Theater made this nice & short video of Digital Collisions 1.0
Apparently, the background being dark, Jordan played it late at night :)

I listened a lot Dream Theater ; I’m really proud.
I know Jordan designs iPad music applications with some designer/developers. I’d be very happy to explore & collaborate on an application with him.
At least, he’s free to contact me if he sees that post. I will propose him something.

Exploring real life use of applications/tools for artistic & musical expressions is one of the most efficient way to make the best applications ever.
Indeed, I’m currently (STILL) designing my 2D sequencer. Still no teaser or anything, I’m in the lab with it.
It would drive protofuse (my alter ego in case you didn’t link those 2 names) to perform, compose on an UNIQUE way you didn’t see ever.
It isn’t to be proud why I’m writing it, just because it is true. That way will make a revolution. At least, Protofuse will have a musical playground for next years, for sure!

So here are some screenshots of the latest version not yet approved by Apple, but in 5 days max…