my first app on App Store !

Mar 26, 2012 - 09:09

Dear followers/friends, I’m so happy.
I designed this application, based on an algorithm I coded initially for Processing (which is JAVA-based)
I translated it and improved it too inside C++ language in order to fit with Open Frameworks framework, and especially with iOS build.
I want to thank a lot Reza who supports his precious MIT licensed ofxUI addon for UI design purposes.

The first post about it is here.

This application is also a new & nice way to test how I could distribute my music to you.
Music alone can often sound a bit sad.
Now, if you grab that app, you’ll have :
– a 13 minutes track of evolving ambient by me as protofuse
– a visuals generator based on my algorithm of flocking particles

I can now use this logo.
Click on the logo and you’ll be driven to Mobile Particles.

I found a new way of expression which can live on mobile devices and be closer from you.
Here is a view of the menu.
Each parameter is tweakable and make the visuals evolving a lot.

I hope you could share it with your friends.



  • Very nice. Considering the way to record sales have changed over the past several years, that is one fantastic way to distribute your own music too.

  • … except that if each track, or even each album is distributed as an App, you would soon have hundreds or thousands of apps on your home screen and no acceptable way to navigate or hierarchise them … we need a new paradigm here …

    • you are right.
      it is a bit the same consideration about the game & apps more generally.
      I mean, the experience of using an app to listen music isn’t like listening music only.
      but we have to find and maybe invent another paradigm, probably !!


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