Designing my granulator machine

Mar 25, 2012 - 10:00

Granular synthesis is fascinating.

It is basically based on the sampling technic, but with a very unconditional feature.


Here are 2 samples coming that sound blender named THE GRANULIZATOR.

[soundcloud id='40373812']

[soundcloud id='40723338']

To understand the granular synthesis, you have to get that.
Take a sample.
Play a little slice, then another one.
Change the order of playing, size the slices differently & dynamically, add a bit of noise (randomness) in the play making the playing window moving a bit around a global controlled and moving value…
The slice is named the grain.

The name of synthesis is important here: indeed, there is a literally synthesized new output coming from the sample named here : the source.

Then, we can add some interesting features at a macro level (the global parameters like the manner the playing window moves) or at a very micro level (the grains themselves)

Here are some links about this field: (nice portal) (nice forum post) (VERY nice article by SoS)

I’ll release finally this new synthesis tool asap on
I could also port it to … iOS. I’d love. Granular synthesis, especially if it involves a huge number of voices/grains, is a bit hardcore for the chip/cpu. It means I have to experiment a bit.
Of course, it will be possible. Some people already did it (with more or less success, I have to confess)

Stay Tuned!




  • Julien

    bring it on – the audio stream input is so way cool –

    be sure to check out Ambitron too – it’s a VST but so awesome

    • Hey Brian, how are you, dear enthusiastic sound geek lover ?

      vst for windows only often means SynthMaker used.
      I don’t really trust it even if it is a nice tool I used and tested deeply
      It doesn’t mean this one isn’t good! I don’t know and I trust a lot developers, globally.

      I’m a bit focused on iOS (saying that, I’m about to release a m4L stuff) but I mean, I’m on 3 prototypes for iOS to be more confessing.
      One of them will be … a camera application but a special one ; really related to my visual world, the one I have in mind when composing, coding.

      I hope you’ll like it.

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