My video generator begins to live

Jan 27, 2012 - 09:09

Designing & testing my video generator with Max & Max for Live as written in some previous posts (especially this one where you can see the global architecture), here is a very light & short video.

Thanks to Synthtopia for the review.

The video generated (in the little black window on the left) has been made with a javascript + MGraphics code designed by Darwin Grosse and provided the 02 / 11 / 12 here)
I altered it a bit in order to follow the requirements of the video generator (framework, I could add)

I’d like to make the core available for you.
We’ll see this point later but not very late 🙂

As I wrote previously, the only important point shown here in that video is the concept, not the video generated or else.
Also, I can say I’ll use it as soon as it will be fully functional.
My couple of algorithms will generated strange minimalistic videos and, all along my music performance, these videos will be altered, changed by :
– me tweaked parameters not directly related to visuals (I push a button to mute, I accelerate the tempo, I tweak a panning on this track)
– audio part of music itself (volume, frequency too)

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