My video generator architecture

Jan 25, 2012 - 13:42

As described in a previous post about the fact I love to design minimalistic elements, I’m currently designing my video generator.
I need it since .. around 3 years and I already discussed about that here and there.

The more I play, the more I need it
For me, making music equals designing music.
The process includes algorithms & coding, sometimes.
Generative sequence (made for instance with my 2 own sequencers, including The MatriX sequencer) & generative video can coexist very well. Especially, I feel well with them.

It wouldn’t replace a VJ.
By writing that, I didn’t write it will be worse than a VJ, and no more it will be better than a VJ.
It just will be a special entity by itself, built to react and to inspire me while I’ll perform live.
It will also be a nice way to produce visuals for you if you are in front of me, not watching my screen, drinking something, wanting to see more visuals stuff.

OSC can be use internal or external on a network.
OSC is Open Sound Control.

I’ll deliver more later of course because I want to provide the Video Generator part.
Following some (very light, voluntarily) requirements, you’ll be able to build your own modules by programming (coding) and to use them with the video generator.

Stay tuned…