Designing minimal elements

Jan 23, 2012 - 20:04

Dear followers & friends,
I cannot tease too much, but a bit.
The word bit is important.
It defines “the smallest element in the digital world” named Binary digIT.

I love elementary structures, because ย it is the first material with which you can build bigger structures, meta & mega-structures too.

From the circle (which is a fundamental element in my music & art) to my polaroids (check this minimal project :ย ), I’m a minimal guy.
It means I definitively think less is more, finally.
This my history & path which drove me to feel comfortable with that, of course.

My favorite quote can also summarize my way a lot

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci)


Because all of that, I’m currently designing a video generator core structure able to react to my music.
The architecture will include a basic structure (again simplicity) and will be provided with music, probably.


I’ll provide a very basic way for you to make other modules you’ll be able to use with the core architecture.
These modules will use javascript and, following some very light requirements, you’ll be able to integrate them and use them in your liveset too.

The core will be max standalones (win & osx)
I’ll provide machines for ableton & eventually reaktor (and eventually eventually VST/AU) to use the core with many DAWs.

Indeed, I’m feeling very comfortable with Max, and especially with new graphics features of Max6
I was one week ago in Leicester, invited firstly for speaking + perform at this HUGE & nice Max Convention, where I finally only performed because of tight schedule (in case of you didn’t follow the idea: I’m also composing an album, mates)

I hope you’ll be happy to use it ๐Ÿ™‚

More infos about the infrastructure very soon!
Stay tuned here, on FB & Twitter!




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