Bitwig studio … promising!

Jan 12, 2012 - 17:30

I heard about them, being myself inside technology but especially in all related to art & technology (as you knew…)

Bitwig studio website is :

Here is their first video


I read a lot of comments.
People complains, as usual, about the fact it “looks like” Ableton Live, etc.
Probably they forgot about the fact Ableton didn’t creates the “tracks” concept, clips concept etc.

Some people in Bitwig are former Ableton developers.
Some people knows that and they compare.

Of course we WILL compare tools, efficiency etc, but today there is only a teaser.
And it is very short and not very demonstrative (consciously, for sure)

As a music producer/composer/performer, I’d say: I ‘m very interested by new tools.
Indeed, some other  producer/composer/performer (I mean not the one who does that 1 hour very fast after his real day job, I mean people swimming in music everyday, like me) knows each tool can be used in particular cases … including the worst one.
At some point, you don’t even  think this one is the best,  this other one is the worst… you are more in the way where all tools can be used.

Thus, yes, I’m interested.

I just finished 2 live performances revamping, creation, merging, adding work.
I’ll play them on next weekend (basically tomorrow & saturday night @
I really understood in some hard work sessions that while you are creating, some tracks, formerly used only for rhythms, became pads, or even voices tracks. All seemed to melt/fusion in a globality you feel and live as a whole piece of music.
In this kind of sessions, I’m exploring, sampling, resampling virtual machines, testing, merging, deleting, saturating, dithering (only for sound modifications purposes) etc
This is the precise moment where I like to open a tool, to use it in a total different way each time ;  this is exactly the moment where I could use a new tool like bitwig… not making a whole live using it at the first time, but maybe a sequence, a clip, piece of midi automation I could grab and put elsewhere…

I’m particularly interested by some features described on their website:
– multi monitor support
– per note automation
– modular system (does it includes an SDK to push the limits very far?)
– mixer clip launcher vs arranger clip launcher
– jamming over internet & LANs (does it involve servers ?)


The Modular native framework

The Point.
Don’t judge, don’t compare when you only have a piece of video with a duration smaller than 40 seconds.
Don’t think white or black.
Even if you are in love with Ableton Live and only it (it sounds crazy for me to behave like that but I respect totally that), then you may be very interested in using other tools !


And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to be a beta tester… I just did it 🙂



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  • totally agree with you julian.
    never stay to just one product.
    but am happy there going to be a ableton contender, i was thinking only a few days ago why there has not been one, but am happy to see one in the works.

    myself also being a musician/composer/post production/live tech and max geek, am always looking for other things to expand the regions of music. so this is a welcome.

    i have signed up to be a tester also, looking forward too it 🙂

    lewis edwards

  • agreed! I really hope they have a fullscreen piano roll editor. That's one of my main frustrations with Ableton.

  • Endly they are about to release it! I'm waiting for 2 years!
    Looks really good indeed.

  • let's way and see…


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