Uncanny Sequencer in the real world

Dec 17, 2011 - 22:40

My friend & beta tester Tristan Héau tweaked & composed a track with The Uncanny Sequencer.

[soundcloud id=’30886448′]

Track made using Uncanny Sequencer for the drums and a Theremin (instrument by Puremagnetik). Mixing standard 4/4 with 5/4 divisions.

I really thank him a lot. Designing tools and seeing (listening) people using it, independantly from you is … like magic.

I’d like to make a kind of sequencer contest.
It would be named:   The Uncanny Contest

You can already send me your sequence (NO MP3, please links to soundcloud), and I’ll compile that and publish you on I’ll post them in the forum here: http:///topic/64-the-uncanny-contest/

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