My very best OSX tools and apps

Dec 1, 2011 - 22:33

You already know I’m a computer science background guy/geek.
I always worked with Windows & Linux/Unix.

This was more an habit than a real decision.

Developing C++, HTML or other Max patch, I would have been well on any platform, considering those stuff almost platform-independant.
I mean: coding C++ in Visual Studio, Eclipse or XCode on OSX is everytime coding C++

But I needed :
– HUGE battery autonomy
– Massive RAM amount
– a platform to develop iOS stuff

The last item drives me to OSX/MacBook Pro, obviously, but the first item too.

You can check this old post about me, just before the big jump.

During those 2 months with OSX, I grabbed some necessary apps, and I wanted, today, share them with you.
You can comment and add some apps too, it would be a pleasure to make that list growing.

Here is the list :

Google Notifier
Using a lot of Google services, I love Gmail Notifier ( )
It works fine with your Gmail account & your Google Calendar too.

The best FTP clients are Transmit & Cyberduck.
I tested a lot , they are the best.
I’d prefer Transmit.
You can buy it there:

About SSH
You just need to open a terminal and … type the ssh in the CLI (command line interface)
You know what? I looked for an SSH client for 10 minutes before to remember that OSX was a BSD derivated kernel so… ssh is provided, dudes!

Text Editor
TextEdit native editor is nice, but I’d prefer to use TextMate ( )
Colored code and other features make my life easier … and this is the point here!

Rapid developement tools
I named “Rapid Dev Tools” the tools you need for editing webpage, php scripts etc.
Of course you can use TextMate too, but sometimes I’d prefer to use CodeBox ( )
Indeed, this is also a management tool for code snippets
I have some wordpress structure, for instance, I often use: I can easily find them, reuse it etc.

I HAVE to quote Coda too (
This is a very useful tool based on the One-Window concept:
you have a ftp client, an ssh cli, a webpage editor (html, php, css colored code).
It is A MUST.
This one can replace CodeBox.

Advanced developement tools
You’ll use XCode.
It is the basis Apple IDE, ok. But it works.
I had some bugs, on early time of each release, few. Then they have been fixed.
I’m using it for C, C++, Objective C
Feel free to ask me some infos if you need it.

Windows positionning
You’ll LOVE Grid ( )
Native OSX GUI is very useful/powerful/efficient.
I had some problems because I wanted to reposition EASILY my windows : I mean, this one here, that one here … working … then this one there etc.. on the fly.
It is possible with Grid.

Radio listener
You should use iTunes with a nice free addon named You Control (
It puts iTunes in your tool bar on the top. You can select the content, go the next or previous channel (or track)
Working/Coding with music, I use it everyday listening SomaFM of course !!

IM aggregator
Using FB chat, Google Talk too, I tested and liked Adium a lot (
Finally, after 1 month, I’d prefer the classical & native iChat by Apple
It is easy to set it up with gtalk ( ), with facebook ( )  too.


Then, I wanted to add some links (almost ALL offered by my friend Eric Pringels, THANKS to him):

– CSS Edit (
– MAMP (
– Drawit (
– Hype (
– Fontcase (
– Quicksilver (




  • Thanks for good list Julien. I am new to osx and this is useful.

    I suggest Little Snitch. (I message you other day looking for a firewall tool more like this not native one) If you use it to block it's self in 3 rules it becomes freeware and save 25 dollars XD.

    1- Applications/Little Snitch Configuration

    2- Library/Little Snitch/Little Snitch Network Monitor

    3- Library/Little Snitch/Little Snitch UI Agent

    this is working password: (use after to register when those 3 rules are made)


  • Another good one I have been using is AppZapper. Basically its use a uninstaller similar to Revo (windows) that makes for faster removal of applications. It makes a cool laser noise and screen flashes when you zap an app with it too. XD

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