Protofuse live in Aix

Feb 9, 2011 - 15:54

It was to inaugurate one of the great masterpiece of Electronic Shadow collective.

It was a nice event and I want to thanks a lot:
– Raphael, Marc, Greg, Renaud & all the Seconde Nature Staff
– Naziha & Yacine from Electronic Shadow
– Laure, Vincent, Philippe
– my close friends & family who supported me

You can see the video & listen my sounds.

You can listen best quality sound here:

Vincent Telandro took several pictures.


I discovered Audiomulch framework 3 weeks ago only but I decided on previous week to use it for this performance.
Indeed, I loved its particular sounds & effects.
I found them very raw, I mean very particular & with a great “personality”.
I love the Metasurface tool too.

Here is the principle I used to control it.

I hope we could collaborate again with Seconde Nature.
This is a very nice place and staff is very nice too !

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